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Great week at the HUBB Horizons unlimited show

By August 26, 2014Uncategorized

HUBBFantastic week working on the HUBB event for overland travellers. This event was all about people that travel the world, whether its a full circumnavigation or a trip to the arctic circle.

Lots of great presentations from experienced travellers. Camping field full of exotic machinery from a £200,000 expedition truck through to a honda C90 thats been around the world a few times.

We provided the main room equipment as pictured above, but in the background there was a lot of switchgear to cope with many different laptops with different resolution settings, we had presentations in widescreen, 4:3, high resolution, low resolution, Powerpoint, Keynote, Adobe, and several packages that we haven’t even come across before.

We relayed the main screen out to a huge marquee outside and in some busy presentations we had over 450 in the audience. Several other smaller presentation rooms were in use and we supplied all the equipment in those too.

Great event, we’ll be back for next year !