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Radisson AV

Fully Booked Conferences 2016

By Event Production

This year The Fully Booked Formula has used Code Audio Visual for their 4 main events.

The conference lasts for 3 days, plus a full day to rig! Each event had over 300 attendees, who were fitness and health professionals who want to increase their client base.

For the Conference, at the Park Lane by Radisson Hotel, Code AV supplied our ground support truss system, supporting 8 moving lights, 2 10ft projection screens and a black drape backdrop. All the projection is in full HD, with content running from 3 of our MacBook Pros using our Roland HD Vision Mixer to switch between them. The conference also featured live video, also filmed in full HD. Audio was professionally sorted, using 5 Sennheiser wireless microphones, mixed using our X32 digital desk and all ran by our trained engineers.