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Why use a professional audio visual company for your event?

By April 9, 2014August 26th, 2014Uncategorized

You’ve spent months planning your conference, awards ceremony or fashion show. The venue is booked, the guests have been invited and the champagne is on ice. But let’s face it, your event would be a bit of a let down if the sound was poor and the lighting unimaginative.

This is where a specialist in audio visual services comes in. Only up-to-the-minute audio visual equipment and professional rigging can ensure your event will continue to be talked about months, or even years, after the last canapé has been polished off.

A professional audio visual company has the expertise to bring your conference, sales presentation or roadshow to life, guaranteeing the undivided attention of all present.

But there is much more to providing audio visual services than simply pressing a few buttons and flicking some switches. Working in the AV industry requires a high level of expertise, professionalism and experience.

People who work in the audio visual industry have to keep up-to-date with the latest tech, so they have the know-how to operate the most modern sound, lighting, vision mixing and camera equipment on the market. But as well as being technically-minded, they must also have a strong creative streak. After a short initial meeting or even just a phone call, an AV expert will be able to visualise an event coming to life, and then communicate this vision to the client.

Every conference, presentation or AGM is tailored to the client’s needs, so it’s never a case of one size fits all.

Audio visual hire, using cutting edge equipment and skilled operators, is your ticket to a successful, stand-out event. As well as lighting and sound management, the range of services provided by AV firms is broad, including recording, stage layouts, projection, video and broadcasting, and exhibit display. An AV specialist will handle everything from planning to equipment supply and rigging, which involves setting up the stage, building the set, installing the lighting and sound systems and setting up screens and information panels at the reception area.

An audio visual expert will be able to create ‘an event within an event’. For example, a fashion show may need to be staged one particular way, while the after-show party in a neighbouring room may require a totally different type of lighting and sound.

And once the event is over, de-rigging can be carried out swiftly and carefully by a professional audio visual firm, ensuring a room or building is cleared with the minimum of fuss.

It’s up to you whether you call on the services of an AV firm for the duration of your event, or simply hire the equipment and personnel you require.

If your venue already has its own lighting and technicians, you could opt to use the expertise of an audio visual company to enliven your presentations with specialist sound and video. And another service AV firms offer is professional videoing and editing, which is ideal if you’d like a permanent record of your event.

Call the team at Code Audio Visual on 0844 870 9302 or email to find out how we can make your event a truly memorable occasion.